What is SEO? And why is it so important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you type a search in your preferred browser, like google or yahoo, the results showed to you belong to two categories, paid advertisement results, which are at the top of the search but with an “advertised” sign or organic searches. Properly implementing SEO into your website will place it higher on user searches.

A properly optimized website will generate more traffic than a poorly optimized one. After all, how often have you found what you were looking for on google’s fifth search page?.

The higher your page is, the better, as most users usually pick the first site that fits their search criteria.

What are the objectives of SEO

Traffic quality: Showing up in the first place on searches is essential. But it is more important to show up to the right people. You want your page’s visitors to be looking for something you offer. Think for a moment that you type Amazon on google looking to do some Christmas shopping, and what shows up are hundreds of articles about the rainforest. Amazon spends so much effort into SEO that if you google the word amazon, the rain forest (which is more important) doesn’t even show on the first page.

Traffic quantity: The more, the merrier applies here. Increasing visitors to your site makes it more likely that you’ll to transform visits into sales.

How SEO works

You have probably wondered at some point how does Google decide which pages decide to put first whenever you search for something in it. It is a complicated answer, but we’ll try to give you a simpler version.

Search engines have particular preferences on how to rate the content of a website. These “rules” are always being revised and updated. They have bots that look at your site’s content to evaluate a myriad of things to rate it in an index. From that index, an algorithm decides what position your website should get on any specific query.

These “rules” determine how you should write text. Also, how many times you should mention the keyword in question so that the bots will prefer your page over others.
The bots also determine if the images are related to the text, the page’s response time, the number of times social media users mention your site, and many other factors.

How do you optimize a website for SEO?

Since the vast majority of users worldwide use Google as a search engine, they set the SEO rules. Many guides teach you how to optimize your site.

You need to make sure that if you are going to attempt to optimize your site yourself, you follow a guide that’s up to date. Since SEO rules are always changing and evolving, a perfectly optimized page in 2018 has to be updated for today’s set of rules.

Why is it so important?

Paying to advertise on Google or any SE can be an extremely effective way to boost your site’s traffic and hopefully, your sales. It can also get expensive fast, especially if your field has lots of competition.

Having your site optimized so that it’s near the top of the results, can get you similar benefits to an advertised site for no money at all. Imagine for a moment that you keep your website updated, and it has many mentions on social media and review sites like Yelp. When for example, people in your community type “best pizza in town” on their SE, and your pizza place’s site comes out on top, that could be a real game-changer for your business. It would give your business a lot more exposure, which would then transform into sales.

If you are looking for SEO service for your site or want to make a website for your service from scratch, you can contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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