Traits of a Great Industrial Website Design

best industrial web design

Some traits make an industrial website design stand out among the crowd. For instance, Outdoor Shower Company, who is a maker of top-quality showers and fixtures for the outdoors, has an inviting and easy to navigate website. Please read on and see what the traits of its website are.


OSC’s website makes you feel invited, because of the clean combination of two basic colors, dark turquoise, and dim grey. In particular, they are at the center of the design, which stands out over a sea of white.

Highly Visual

The web site is highly visual with an ample selection of photographs of the showers that they have installed. As a result, you get a good idea of what you can do when buying their products.

Easy to Navigate

The navigation of the page feels natural because you never have to ask yourself, “Where do I go now?” for example, the “About” link means exactly that. Specifically, It has the company’s mission, “Who we are”, their history, and an interesting blog full of ideas about how to enjoy their products.

Easily Readable

The texts are easy to read because they are made with a clean, contrasting serif font. They do not crowd the space because they leave lots of white around them. In fact, easily readable texts are a key factor in great industrial website design.

Superb Diagramming 

The diagramming of images, text, and information on the website allows you to flow through without effort.

Call to Action

The navigation of the page is not only easy but right in the middle of your visual field is the CTA. Specifically, The link invites you to download the catalog and prices at the click of your mouse.

Relevant Information

You do not have to click anything to contact them because all the relevant information is at the top of the page, which has buttons for the translation to four other languages. Moreover, you can scroll down the site and find the main elements of the menu without leaving the main page.


The design of OSC’s web page is the result of careful planning, creative ideas, and constant communication with the client. We believe that your business deserves to have a website that reflects who you are and what you do in the most effective way possible.

Call us to have a conversation about how your website could be found by hundreds (potentially thousands) of people searching for you on Google.

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