Local SEO Campaign Report
August 2021

Performance Overview

This overview covers the number of views and searches that have led users to land on your website or to view your business on Google maps. The numbers to the right in green or red indicate the change in search views and map views over the past ninety days.


The discovery chart to the right shows you how exactly customers are finding your website. Direct search means that someone is directly typing the name of your company or website into the search bar of a browser. Discovery is the number of people who are finding your business based on a specific service or product you offer. These numbers are typically the result of the targeted keyword profile we build for you through your SEO campaign. Branded searches come from customers who type in a specific brand name and find your site. These can be a result of keyword work as well. Overall, we intend to see your discovery numbers increase steadily over time, meaning that more and more visitors are discovering your business when searching for a variety of keywords related to your work.

Campaign Overview

Here you will find the change in website views over the past ninety days. While we are striving to increase the number of people that end up visiting your website, a user finding your Google Listing or listing on Google Maps can be just as effective at converting visitors into your customers.

Customer Action

This section shows the next steps your potential customers are taking when they find your listing on a search engine results page (SERP). Google is the most powerful search engine, holding about 89% of all core search queries in the U.S. Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo trail behind with a combined search percentage of around 11%. Depending on your current SEO strategy, your Google listing should send people to your website, direct them to visit your physical location, or prompt them to contact you via call or chat.

Domain Authority

Your domain authority as compared to three competitors in your (or similar) market. You’ll see your score, their scores and on the far right side, the change – increase or decrease – in this score over the past three months.

Last Month’s Focus

his chart contains the hourly breakdown of where and how we focused our search engine optimization work over the course of the past three months. Then will add more specifics…

In the upcoming months, we will continue to focus on ______ and will start working towards ______.

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