Make a Better Website for 2020 – Construction

Recently we discussed how to start thinking about your website in order to make it do more for your business in 2020 and beyond. Today, we’ll be using a specific kind of example – one that people outside the industry may not think about – to illustrate our points from earlier. Welcome to construction websites.

The specific site we’ll be looking at today is Teems Electric. Teems is an electrical engineering company headquartered in Ringgold, Georgia, with the ability to work in most Southeastern states. They’ve been in business for over 50 years after starting in a garage in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have several different departments, and their number one priority is providing quality work to clients for a good price.


A Look at the Site Design

As you can see, the site follows the design principles we brought up in the previous post. The name, Teems Electric, tells you what this business does – electrical work. They do more, of course, but it’s important that the name is simple and conveys an image of an electrician. They also made sure to get the domain name, which is incredibly helpful when people need to remember how to find the website.


Starting at the Top

The visitor’s eyes are drawn to the high-definition image of beautiful old-school light bulbs. This is a gallery which changes to repairs to a device and a complicated mechanism, both portrayed in stunning high-quality photos.  Then you have the overlaid text. “Multiple trades under one roof! Your turn-key operation.” Simple and to the point. Finally, there’s a bright blue button that guides a customer to ask for a free quote. 

A closer look at the rest of the homepage shows a consistent color palette. The site itself is rendered in white, blue, and black. Most of the pictures on the page also use these colors, with some throwing in a splash of orange for contrast. Visually, this site feels good, which is important when trying to turn visitors into customers. You may not have thought that something like this would be important in construction, but every website needs to consider these things in order to draw visitors in.

Above the image you’ll see the two menu bars we talked about previously, as well. The top one urges visitors to call for a free quote and provides links to their social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The second one has options for Home, Services, About, Testimonials, News, and Contact. Services and About both have drop-downs to expand on what a potential customer might be looking for. 

You may have noticed what seems like redundancy here. Why have two links for free quotes and another for contact? Different people look in different places for information. Your eyes may drift to the center of the screen while someone else’s may look at the top right. If either person doesn’t find what they were looking for within a few seconds, then that person’s business is as good as gone. The website should provide the most important information in a couple of different places so that it doesn’t lose any customers who weren’t looking where it was. 


Looking at the Meat of the Site

Scrolling down the page, Teems Electric has a section for their services. It’s well-organized, and regardless of what a customer might need, they can easily see if Teems provides it or not. Chances are, if a potential customer looking for construction were in the Southeast United States and needed one of these jobs done, a Google search would bring them to a number of pages, Teems Electric’s being one of them. Organizing the services in this way, so close to the top of the home page, ensures that whether the visitors were looking for electrical, mechanical, or lighting work, they could find it easily on this site. 

The next section scrolls through the team members. Each person has their own specialization and email listed. This underscores the integrity behind their work. If these individuals can be contacted regarding what they’ve done for their clients rather than going through a call center, it shows that they’re confident in their abilities. This is further emphasized by the Testimonial section. For companies that provide services, this is a must on any website. If a potential customer is interested in commissioning work, they’d need to know what other people have to say about the service provider. 

We round out the website with a News section. Content like this is important for keeping your site high in the search engine rankings. If your company does electrical construction work, you want people who are looking for lighting, light fixtures, and industrial light bulbs to find your site on Google. There is a section that showcases some of Teems Electric’s larger corporate clients. Finally, there is another contact section. It’s important to put this at the bottom of the homepage because any potential customers who have scrolled this far are definitely interested in the business’s services, and you want an interested visitor to contact you right away. The few seconds it takes to scroll back up and look for a contact button are enough to have that person thinking about looking at a competitor’s site. 


Designing a Website to Fit the Industry

That was just one example of how a site can be built and organized to maximize the interest of visitors. There are a few features that are especially important for a construction business. The services, testimonial, and team sections are essential here. Whether the visitor is a homeowner, a landlord, a contractor, or a representative of a large corporate construction agency, integrity and reliability are of the utmost importance. Finding the services at a glance, knowing what other clients are saying about previous work, and feeling that the crew is going to stand by their work is all going to contribute to making the sale. 

For construction, it’s also important to keep a few other things in mind when designing a website. It helps to show your work, for one. In various places on the Teems Electric site, you can find pictures of projects they’ve worked on. You also want things all over your site that indicate your credibility. In this case, providing pictures of their work, supplying personal email addresses, publishing testimonials, and linking to major clients are all ways this company proves that it’s a reliable business. 

For this specific example, Teems Electric wants to combat the image of a crooked contractor ripping customers off. In their About and History sections, they talk about how much they want to help their clients save money. They also provide their business model and explain how this makes lower costs possible. 

Websites in general should also answer a visitor’s questions, even if they haven’t asked them yet. Having contact information in a number of different places encourages them to find out more about what they’re looking for, such as more information or a price. A frequently updated content blog provides proof that people in the company are keeping up with the times. It also illuminating many of the relevant issues to customers in an interesting and informative way. 

Finally, a construction company needs to show its credentials. Teems discusses its accreditation and licenses in the very first section below the header image.


Good Site Construction

Ultimately, your site exists to increase your business. Today we talked about companies specializing in construction, and specific things that are important to their websites. Many of these principles can be applied elsewhere as well. Every business needs visitors to become customers, and there are different ways of ensuring this happens. The way you build your site needs to reflect this. 

We’ll be highlighting web design for different industries in the future, so stay tuned!

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