How long does web development take?

Developing a website takes time. This fact surprises many small business owners looking into commissioning a website for their company. Web development is not something to be rushed, in any case. If done correctly, it can considerably increase your revenue. Waiting for a top-quality product is always worth it in the end.

Web development demand

In our interconnected world, nearly every new venture needs an online presence to thrive. That means that there is a scarcity of most top quality developers. So if you want quality, you’ll most likely have to wait in line. You might get lucky and catch them in a lull in their business, but don’t count on it.

The time you spend in line varies, so talk to your developer to know when they’ll be able to commit to your project.

Web development planning and discovery phase, three weeks

A competent web developer will spend time researching your business, its goals, and even the competition to determine what makes it unique and how to emphasize that on your site.

They’ll spend a considerable amount of time extracting your ideas and transforming them into an actual tangible product. It may seem easy to do, but turning a personal vision into reality can be complicated to do satisfactorily, especially if you are not the best at explaining abstract concepts.

You use your ideas to create a barebones website blueprint, which you’ll need to approve. Also, to identify how we will arrange the content and what features will the site offer.

The time this phase takes will heavily depend on your site’s complexity, and believe it or not, your chemistry with the developer. Your relationship with your developer is just like any other. Some times people click together effortlessly, and they approve the designs on the first submission. Other times, you are going to have to work a little harder for it. That is normal, and you should not get discouraged. The important thing is not to settle for a product that doesn’t satisfy you, thus, pursue your vision until fulfilling it.

If you are not good at putting thoughts into words, it helps to look up examples of sites you like. Show your developer a website to which you want yours to be similar. It can speed up the process considerably. Consequently, you will make everyone happy if you show in the meeting three examples of websites.

web development design phase, three weeks

Once you draw the battle plans, it is time to begin development. A professional web developer should have in-house designers that will present you with design proposals for your site.

These proposals are like images; no actual development has started on them yet. So, if you want to make changes, this is the ideal time to do so. Doing so later will set the project back considerably longer than if done in this phase.

If you need everything done from scratch, even the company logo, expect this to add a little time and well as money to the budget.

After you’ve chosen a design and are satisfied with how it looks real development might begin

Development phase, six weeks

The talking is over; it’s time to walk the walk. The developer will turn the design proposal you approved into a fully functioning website. We will implement the features you requested, the videos will be embedded, the pictures uploaded, and the texts written and posted. Simple sites can finish this process in a month, but if you want advanced features like E-commerce, it can add days to your schedule.

Try to avoid making aesthetic changes during this phase; that’s about which the design phase was. You might want to add features, though, like a checkout cart, or a GPS locator for stores that carry your goods. Those are features that you can add during this phase. But it is better if all the goals are defined before development begins.

Reviewing and testing phase, two weeks

After your site is ready, its time for you to try and break it, you should look for bugs and glitches, and check if the features are working as intended. There’s almost always an overlooked problem to catch; this is the time to do so.

It is essential that you are left satisfied with the final product. Don’t be afraid to send something you don’t like back; try to do so during the appropriate phase. It is not very efficient to decide to change the entire color pallet after the site is in the testing phase.

Keep in constant communication with your developer during the entire process to ensure the project is going down the right path or correcting it quickly if it is not. Like we said earlier, your relationship with your developer is just like any other, and in any relationship, communication is critical. Therefore, develop your website with a web agency that cares about your needs. Request a quote here.

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