Create the Best Industrial Website Design

Best industrial website design

Aiming to create the best industrial website design should be a priority for any industrial corporation. As the website is the face of the corporation. Specifically, it is the space where its customers and the rest of the public, can get a clear idea of what the company is and does. Furthermore, the exposure of the corporation’s website allows it to increase its business with its actual clients, and to broaden its customer base. An industrial site looks professional when it has the content that the company’s clients seek. Finally, the amount of care given to the organization’s website determines if it enhances or deteriorates its public image. To help you optimize your industrial website, we will provide you with some tips.

Avoid Clutter

It is tempting for any industry to showcase its lines and sublines of products, of which they are proud. In particular, overcrowding the menu section. As a result, the design will clutter the site, making it visually unappealing and difficult to navigate.

Tip: Limit the menu blocks, the less, the better.

Don’t Cram the Footer Section.

The footer section is essential in the sense that it has the size to organize the other parts of the page in a way that blocks are easier to find by the user. Consequently, if you have sections that will not fit in headers, do not overflow the footer section, keep it easy to navigate.

Tip: Use blocks to gather different categories and group them with headings and subheadings.

Use Back to Basics Design

Here are two extremes in industrial website design. On the one hand, it showcases the product line. On the other, it is too visually appealing, crowding the other blocks out and making it slow to respond. In the first case, they make the site annoying to the user. In the second, the site is challenging to navigate, diminishing the possibility of hitting a CTA.

Tip: Use common design sense by balancing the design, so that it has attractive visuals and easy navigation. Specifically, put the main menu in the header, easy to locate CTAs, the contact information in the footer.

Use More Sidebars

Sometimes it isn’t a straightforward task to organize all the products and services that a large manufacturing company has. Nevertheless, there is a way of avoiding having too large dropdown menus with subcategories, because they are difficult to reach from a mobile gadget.

Tip: It is the use of sidebars with links, which are easily accessible from any device. However, to ensure easy navigation, they should be separated from the main page.

Have a Return Button to the Main Page

Navigating into the website of a large industrial corporation should not be like solving a maze. Once you get deep inside one of the sections, and you want to go back to go to another module, you want an easy way out. Generally, the user does that by returning to the main page.

Tip: Use the logo as the return button because it is omnipresent and intuitively easy to operate.

Visible and Accessible CTA Buttons

The main goal of every website is to engage the user to take action. Therefore, the CTA buttons should be visible and accessible. Tip: Reserve the buttons for calls to action, because you don’t want users distracted with other types of buttons that take them elsewhere.

Use Colors Wisely.

Use colors wisely, because most consumers judge products within one minute, and most of that judgment is based on color alone. Your website is a product; thus, color is essential in any industrial site’s marketing scheme.

Choose the right colors to improve the readability and comprehension of your content. Most people prefer combinations of pure tones, up to a maximum of two-three colors.

Tip: The company logo’s color should determine what the website’s palette would be.

Optimize Your Text

Text optimization is fundamental not only for a positive visual impact but also for its readability and comprehension. There are things that you had better avoid, like putting too much text in narrow columns. It gives a sensation of clutter. Furthermore, if you use different fonts and sizes, you will confuse your readers and will make them feel uncomfortable. Be careful with the text background, because the best texts to read are black over a white background. Avoid using the same colors for text and background. You should neither use bright contrasting colors.

Tip: To improve readability and comprehension, use one font, regular and bold, aligning the text to the left. Leave adequate separation between paragraphs, keeping them to a few sentences as possible, and highlighting the headers.

Use Negative Spaces

Negative spaces make a website easy to navigate and make the critical features of your site stand out. If you have blocks of different sizes grouped, your website would look chaotic and would give a negative impression. Neither should you separate them with negative space of varying size.

Tip: Keep uniformity among the different blocks and separate them by even negative spaces.

The correct display of products and services is essential for an industrial corporation. Nevertheless, this should not be the only function of its website. The best industrial website design incorporates critical factors that enhance brand positioning and broaden the company’s customer base. Additionally, it should offer the content that the company’s clients seek. We believe that your company should have the best website design so that you should be found by hundreds (potentially thousands) of people searching for you on Google. Request a quote here.

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