7 Secrets of Manufacturing Website Design

manufacturing website design

An excellent manufacturing website design not only helps companies keep their brand positioning strong but also grow their core businesses. The web site is a crucial element of the company’s marketing strategy because it helps their actual and potential customers to have a new perspective about the brand, quality, and customer service. 

The best manufacturer’s web sites incorporate in their design and administration a clear SEO strategy. Furthermore, they are visually attractive and incorporate highly functional B2B capabilities. To be highly successful as a useful tool for any manufacturing company marketing strategy, the design of a manufacturer’s site must meet the following criteria.

 Keep Your Frequent Visitors in Mind

Very probably, most of your website visitors are engineers, plant managers, maintenance supervisors, and the like. In most cases, they have a solution to implement, a problem to solve, or a goal to accomplish, and they are visiting your website looking for answers. 

Consequently, it would be best if you had those solutions handy for them to find. Once you know who your visitors are, offer them the content that they look. For instance, you can provide ebooks, instructional videos, technical resources, white papers, a blog with problem-solving articles.

Clear and Easy Navigation

When you are surfing the web, nothing is more frustrating than a hard to navigate website. It is frustrating because you know that the information is there, but you are unable to find it logically. The design should incorporate breadcrumbs, links, and sitemaps to ease the user experience. 

Well Placed Call to Action

Besides “Request a Quote” and “Contact us,” your site should have CTA links on every page so that you won’t get lost looking for one. The buying cycle for manufacturers take weeks, sometimes months, and you want to be sure that your customer keeps coming to your site. Therefore, you should think about how to assist your client in the decision stage. You can offer them case studies, your story, and traits, and your client’s testimonials that distinguish you from competitors. 

High-Quality Images and Visual Elements

A highly visual display should greet the visitor when the manufacturer’s page opens because the human brain interprets images 60,000 times faster than text. A good photograph or a diagram can describe in a flash, and complement the information of a highly technical component whose description would take several pages.  

Visual elements are highly useful tools for keeping your visitors engaged. Your website should feature videos, infographics, photos, visual client’s testimonies, and photos of your products and your staff. 

Eye Catching Hero Messaging

Very probably, your hero message is going to be the most seen section on your website. Put your company’s essence in a short and catchy hero message, like “We deliver on time, every time.”

Effective B2B Marketing

Your company’s website is at the forefront of an effective B2B content marketing strategy. Clients should be able to request and manage quotes and orders and much more. If you sell products directly to customers or wholesalers, you should consider E-commerce, integrating integrate logistics and shipping on your website. 

Website Performance

Speed. Your website has to respond to the viewers’ requests in less than three seconds to have the best user experience. You can have the best visuals a hero massage that is a killer, but if your page is not responsive, you are not visible.

Adaptive. Searches made from mobile phones outnumber the ones made from desktops. Google’s algorithms give preference to mobile-friendly websites. Consequently, your site should perform well on every platform.  

Security. Get an SSL certificate. Protect your site from hackers and give assurance to your visitors that your website is secure.

Continuously improved design. It would bee better if you care for your website the way you do with your manufacturing process. Even more so, because the rate of technology advancements in the internet is faster than in manufacturing. 

The website designer. We do your manufacturing website design so that your site should be found by hundreds (potentially thousands) of people searching for you on Google. Contact us here.

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